Want to reduce energy costs? Selling or renting a home? A BER will help you plan the best energy improvements.

What is a BER certificate

A Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate indicates your homes energy performance. It is similar to the energy label for household appliances. The certificate rates the energy perfomance of your home on a scale of A-G. A-rated homes are the most energy efficient and will tend to have the lowest energy bills. G-rated are the least energy efficient.

How to get a BER certificate

How a BER is calculated

Your BER is calculated through energy use for space and hot water heating, ventilation, and lighting. The number of people likely to occupy a building is also taken in consideration. This is based on the average number of occupants in buildings of a similar size. BER assessments are carried out by SEAI registered BER Assessors.

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See what a difference a BER makes!

Use the slider below to select your type of home and see the estimated fuel costs for each BER rating. For example, the estimated fuel costs for a 75m2 apartment that has a BER of A, comes to approximately €280 per year where as a G-rated apartment of the same size will cost apporximately €3,000!

The estimated annual fuel costs are based on a typical occupancy and heating of the house to a comfortable level.

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