A complete home energy upgrade solution for homeowners. Find out how One Stop Shops work and what services they offer.

Why use a One Stop Shop

One Stop Shops offer homeowners all the services required for a complete home energy upgrade. These registered private operators will manage the entire process for you, from the initial assessment of your home, through to the final BER.

  • Fully managed solution
  • Wider range of grants
  • Grant values deducted from the cost of works upfront
  • Less disruption

Complete range of services

A One Stop Shop will manage your entire home energy upgrade. They offer a full range of services including:

Wider range of grants

You can access a wider range of grants using a One Stop Shop than if you were to manage the project yourself.

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Who can use a One Stop Shop

The One Stop Shop service is available to homeowners and landlords whose property or home meets these criteria:

  • Was built and occupied before 2006 for insulation and heating controls
  • Was built and occupied before 2011 for renewable systems grants
  • Has an existing BER of C2 or lower and must achieve a minimum rating of B2 on completion of works
  • Has not previously received grants for the same home energy upgrades

Find a One Stop Shop

We will shortly be releasing a current list of One Stop Shop providers.

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