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The first step for any small and medium-sized business that wants to save money on their energy bills, SEAI Energy Academy is a free e-learning platform that has been designed to bring you the very best in online energy management training.

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Save money and enhance your brand through a range of energy efficiency supports from SEAI.

  • Understand your bill

    Discuss your energy bills with your supplier and learn how to lower or avoid any penalty charges.

  • Switch off the lights

    Switch off the lights when not required. Ensure you are using the correct lighting levels for different tasks.

  • Turn off

    Encourage people to turn off appliances and equipment where possible.

  • Heating

    Do not let heating and cooling operate at the same time in the same area. Heating should stop at 19⁰C and cooling should start at 24⁰C.

  • Maintain

    Have a schedule and procedure for maintenance and ensure staff report faults straightaway.

  • Controls

    Check that heating and lighting timer controls are set correctly and reflect occupancy hours.

  • Pump Speed

    Fit variable speed drives to existing pumps to ensure they operate at speeds to match the load. You can half a pump’s electricity use by reducing its speed by 20%.

Energy Saving Tips for SMEs

Research shows you can save up to 10% on your energy bills with little or no capital cost. Check out these easy energy saving tips and see what impact they have in your business.